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The Last Wilderness

Alaska's Rugged Coast
by Michael McBride
The Last Wilderness describes Michael and Diane McBride's remarkable journey as they left Homer, Alaska and went across the bay to an abandoned spit of land. The couple wanted to live off the land and raise a family. After fifteen years of dedication and struggle, they built the environmentally conscious Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge. Their story conveys the beauty, joy, and dangers of Alaska and the people they came to know.

Beautifully written with humorous stories of people and events, this is a book everyone who likes adventure and eco-travel must read.

For almost fifty years Michael McBride has lived at his award-winning Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge. The lodge has won more awards, and has been the focus of more magazine, newspaper, and film attention, than any other in Alaska largely because of its environmental activism. The New York Times named the lodge one of the "l,000 Places to See Before You Die," and the Travel Channel dedicated an entire episode to it.
The Last Wilderness
The Last Wilderness
Alaska's Rugged Coast
by Michael McBride
Fulcrum Publishing, 2013

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