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The Jesus Mystery
Astonishing Clues to the True Identities of Jesus and Paul
by Lena Einhorn
In The Jesus Mystery, award-winning author and filmmaker Lena Einhorn presents an astonishing new hypothesis about the relationship between Jesus and the apostle Paul. With page-turning suspense, she details a new first-century chronology that resolves many persistent mysteries about the historical Jesus and makes her conclusion impossible to ignore.

Intrigued for most of her life by the mysteries surrounding the historical Jesus, Einhorn uses all her scientific skills to bring together New Testament writings as well as texts from contemporary Jewish and Roman historians, legends that survived within and outside Christianity during the first centuries after Jesus’ death, and, not least, psychology. The story starts from the beginning, with the basic question of whether Jesus really ever existed. From there it takes us to Jesus’ birth and childhood, ending with the crucifixion and the question of what happened afterward.

In the process of writing this book, Einhorn came to realize that a number of incidents or people mentioned in the New Testament very closely resemble incidents or people recorded in the works of Flavius Josephus (Jewish Antiquities and The Jewish War)—but fifteen to twenty years later. The New Testament started to look like a roman-`a-clef, where real historical events from the 50s ce seemed to have been transferred to the 30s.
And then there is her most astonishing hypothesis, involving the true identities of Jesus and Paul.
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The Jesus Mystery
Astonishing Clues to the True Identities of Jesus and Paul
by Lena Einhorn

The Lyons Press, 2007
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