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The Great Turning
From Empire to Earth Community
by David C Korten 
The threat of continued warfare to the future of humanity has become dire. The Great Turning explores that threat in detail and provides an equally detailed plan for meeting - and overcoming - it.

Written in the author's trademark clear, compelling style, this timely book uncovers the roots of Empire in ancient Athens and charts the long transition from the institutions of monarchy to those of the global economy as the favored instruments of imperialism. Korten then discusses the promise of early America as a democracy dedicated to spreading liberty and freedom - and the failure of the "American experiment" through the contemporary takeover of the U.S. government by corporate plutocrats, religious theocrats, and neoconservative militarists in pursuit of naked imperial ambition.

Korten draws on sources as varied as evolution, developmental psychology, and the wisdom of religious mystics to make the case for "Earth Community" - a people-centered, community-based future.
The Great Turning
The Great Turning
From Empire to Earth Community
by David C Korten

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2007
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