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The Great Chain Of Life
by Joseph Wood Crutch
How did it begin? What has gone before? Where will it lead?

These are questions which have fascinated man for thousands of years. Even after Charles Darwin formulated his theory of evolution men have continued to question their origins.

Joseph Wood Krutch, America's renowned naturalist, looks at evolution with a fresh eye.

Applying the eloquence of a poet to the dispassionate eye of a scientist, he reveals many surprises and wonders in the natural world around us.

The Great Chain of Life is an important, delightful addition to man's understanding of ecology -- the interrelation of living things -- and the biological world in which we live. It is a book that also restores joy to the contemplation of nature.
The Great Chain Of Life
The Great Chain Of Life
by  Joseph Wood Crutch

Pyramid Books, 1966
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