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The Doctor's Affairs All Told

by Alex Duncan
A heartwarming comedy of rural English life.

When Doctor Jack Mason and his bride Liz return from an Italian honeymoon, they find their timeless English village is going multi-cultural. An oriental dome sproutrs from a listed period building, curries scent the evening air - and a menacing gang of green-haired punks patrol the High Street.

Even the doctor's more conventional patients are entering the spirit of the 80s - such as the luckless bank manager with a very topical embarrassing disease...

But tales of a werewolf prowling round the convent at night plunge them all back into the superstitious fears of the dark ages. It will take Jack's enterprising mother Lavinia more than her usual flair to persuade hium that this is a medical mystery that only he can solve.
The Doctor's Affairs All Told
The Doctor's Affairs All Told
by Alex Duncan

W. H. Allen & Co., 1984

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