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The Book of Quick Quilts on Your Own Sewing Machine
by Ruth Brackett Tennant 
After hearing and reading about the grandmothers who were making marvelous quilts for all of their grandchildren, I wanted to do the same. I wanted to do it quickly and easily, inasmuch as I had other things to do as well.

My first sewing-machine quilt was made by putting three layers of flannel on the back of a piece of ready-quilted fabric which had a light, knitted backing. I sewed around the printed patchwork designs on the fabric with a straight stitch. One daughter, Sally, said it was "Great!"

That encouraged me, and as time went on, and more grandchildren arrived, I made a variety of quilts.

In the winter of 1977, I volunteered to teach Sewing Machine Quilting in Community Education. From this experience I learned that every Zig Zag sewing machine will quilt easily and quickly.
With this background, I determined to put into a book, the "How to" of making 
Quick Quilts on Your Own Sewing Machine .

Patchwork Quilts originated in America. Our colonial Quilt Makers need to be praised for their ingenuity in making bedding for their families.

With scraps of material left from family sewing, and tiny samples of silk and wool brought to them by husbands and lovers from trading trips abroad, they spent many hours making beautiful "pieced tops" which were quilted by hand.
Popular designs included Wedding Ring, Dresden Plate, Flower Garden, and Log Cabin.
Many early quilts were handed down as heirlooms. Some very beautiful ones are in museums.

The Book of Quick Quilts on Your Own Sewing Machine
The Book of Quick Quilts on Your Own Sewing Machine
by Ruth Brackett Tennant

Ruth B. Tennant's Business, 1977
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