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The Book of Draft Horses
 The Gentle Giants That Built the World
by Donna Campbell Smith 
Before trucks and tractors, draft horses performed the heavy work of pulling wagons, plowing fields, and hauling logs. But the internal combustion engine did not entirely replace these animals, and they are still used in many parts of the country for agricultural and other jobs, as well as for pleasure driving and county fair pulling contests.
This book is a celebration of these “gentle giants,” as well as a handbook on their breeding, care, and training, and their use as competition and working horses.
Each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of these magnificent horses:

• History of the Draft Horse
• Draft Horse Breeds
• Preparing for Ownership: Housing, Transportation, and Equipment
• Buying Your First Draft Horse
• Health and Care of the Draft Horse
• Showing the Draft Horse
• The Draft Horse Pull
• The Draft Pleasure Horse
• Real Work
• Breeding Draft Horses
Profusely illustrated and with a glossary of terms, The Book of Draft Horses will appeal to everyone who has been thrilled at the sight of these gentle giants. 
The Book of Draft Horses
The Book of Draft Horses
The Gentle Giants That Built the World
by Donna Campbell Smith

Lyons Press, 2007
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