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The Billy the Kid Reader
by Frederick Nolan 
The Billy the Kid Reader contains some of the best articles on the Kid -- including gems that are no longer in print.

From the first dime novel that appeared shortly after his death -- "The True Life of Billy the Kid," by Don Jenardo -- to the research of today's historians, these writings bring William H. Booney, Jr's life into sharp focus.

Nolan highlights two distinct periods of Billy the Kid studies: works of popularizers, who tended to exaggerate his historical role; and the findings of grassroots researchers who over the years have brought about a complete reassessment of our perceptions of the Kid. Nine selections first take up the legend of Billy the Kid in works by such writers as Charles Siringo and Jack Thorp.

Seventeen other accounts range from late-nineteenth-century newspaper tales to the insights of historian Paul Andrew Hutton. Dozens of illustrations enhance the text, illuminating the Kid's career and notoriety. 
The Billy the Kid Reader
The Billy the Kid Reader
by Frederick Nolan

University of Oklahoma Press, 2007
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