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Secrets of Professional
Sports Betting

by Michael Kochan
This sports betting manual is filled with 75 advanced sections that show bettors how to separate the truths and the myths of sports gambling and make money in the real world with practical strategies.

The major betting sports are covered with a special emphasis on football and basketball, along with concepts, tips, theories and techniques that apply to all sports.

In addition to hard-hitting specific strategies for recognizing opportunities and finding value—money line wagering, buying points, hedging bets, trends versus system, incomplete rosters, travel schedules, over/under plays, prop bets opportunities, connected wagers, betting spreads (not games) and much more—the author includes the mental aspects necessary for winners: keeping records, money management, analyzing wagers from both sides of the coin to find good value and how to think differently from the average losing gambler..
Secrets of Professional Sports Betting
Secrets of Professional Sports Betting
by Michael Kochan

Cardoza, 2008
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