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A Global History

by Richard Foss
‘Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!’

A favourite of pirates, the molasses-coloured liquid brings to mind clear blue seas and weatherbeaten sailors. But enjoyment of rum spread far beyond the scallywags of the Caribbean – Charles Dickens savoured it in punch, George Washington served it at campaign rallies, Queen Victoria sipped it in the British Navy’s grog, and Kamehameha I of Hawaii drank it straight.

In Rum Richard Foss tells the colourful, secret history of a spirit that not only helped spark the American Revolution but was even used as currency in Australia.

This book chronicles the 500-year evolution of rum from a raw spirit concocted for slaves to a beverage savoured by connoisseurs. Rum has left its mark on religious rituals – it remains a sacramental offering among voodoo worshippers – and became part of popular songs and other cultural landmarks. 
A Global History
by Richard Foss 

Reaktion Books, 2012
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