Red 4WD Tractors

Red 4WD Tractors

by Lee Klancher
Octane Press, 2017

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The story of the four-wheel-drive tractors built by Steiger, International Harvester, Case and Case IH is told in dramatic fashion in this authoritative guide. Starting with the development of early four-wheel-drive systems at International Harvester, the book traces the evolution and design some of the most powerful and capable tractors of the 20th century.

The book includes the complete story of Steiger tractors, which were originally built and designed in the barn of John, Douglas and Maurice Steiger located near Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. With interviews with more than 50 of the people who built Steiger from a barn to a world leader, the book traces the evolution of the lime green Steigers in engrossing detail.

The book also chronciles the four-wheel-drives built by International Harvester, from the newly-discovered first machine built in 1912 to the final series of Super 70 models of which only a very few were produced.

The book includes heavy research and coverage of IH 4WDs, including newly-uncovered details about why the 4300 series failed, how the Steiger-built IH 66 series was designed in a secret garage, and why the 2+2 series was abandoned in 1985. The book also includes a never-before-seen 2+2 that was tested in the 1990s.

J.I. Case also had an interesting line of 4WD tractors, and those powerful machines history is traced in detail and photos of all the orange-and-white 4WD Case tractors is included. The book tells the story of each of these players in the industry, and how they all combined under one banner and, together, created one of the current industry-leading technologies, the Quadtrac. The evolution of the Steigers and the introduction of the STX series and more is also covered in-depth.

Brought to you by the same team that created the award-winning books Red Tractors 1958-2013 and Red Combines 1915-2015, this incredible book is a must-have for any enthusiast for tractors and farming. All the 4WD models from International Harvester, Case, Steiger, and Case IH are shown.

The book includes the design and development history of the tractors, with first-hand accounts from the engineers and other product-development specialists at IH and Case IH More than 600 images of IH and Case IH tractors including previously unpublished concept drawings as well as images of prototypes, test mules and more Information on North American, British, German, Australian, and French models from the leading experts on red four-wheel-drive tractors.

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