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The Day We Solve All Our Problems

by E.R. Marks

RENEW is a breakthrough for America.

Over the course of human history, there has never been one total solution to poverty, homelessness, hunger, immigration, smoking, welfare, drugs, crime, and numerous other social issues facing society.

Until now.

RENEW is a hands-on and comprehensive vision containing practical step-by-step action plans that will enable all of us to enjoy a dramatic increase in our quality of life.

RENEW solves the one problem that causes most of our social issues, and it will forever change our viewpoints on adult responsibility and parenting. With this incredible new idea, America will save trillions of dollars and millions of lives each year.

RENEW is simple to understand, logical, fair, moral and just, and does not violate any of our constitutional rights. But, it will require us to think in a more responsible way for the first time in our lives. To achieve our goals we will need to reexamine some of our current laws and establish new ideas so that we all can achieve the American dream..

RENEW is a revolutionary program that offers serious solutions that are powerful, dynamic and proactive. It will be the new benchmark in building stronger families and creating responsible adult relationships, and it will empower all of us to realize our human potential.
The Day We Solve All Our Problems
by E.R. Marks

Serendipity Press, 2003
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