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A Teamster's Guide
by Drew Conroy
The definitive resource for selecting, training, feeding, and caring for the mighty ox. Written by Drew Conroy, a professor of dairy science with more than two decades of experience as a trainer and teamster, the book shows readers how to select an ideal team, properly feed and house oxen, train calves and mature cattle, fit a yoke and bows, address common challenges, and maintain a team's overall health. He also explains how to use oxen safely for a variety of farming and logging tasks, and how to train a team for public demonstrations and competitions.

Filled with dozens of photographs and illustrations, including a 16-page color insert, useful reference charts, and a glossary of terms, the book provides all the details a novice needs to select, train, and care for a working team.

A Teamster's Guide
by Drew Conroy

Storey Publishing, 2008
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