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Make Your Own Fuel
by Jerry Wilkerson
The fuel we're talking about making is alcohol.

It will burn in your car. It will burn in your oil furnace (with a slight modification). It will run a generator. It will work in all the place where you are now using petroleum products as fuel..

Alcohol has been widely used as fuel in industrial applications for many years. But due to past cost of manufacturing, it has not been feasible to use the product for automotive or heating purposes. 

Since this great nation has almost been brought to its knees in an energy crisus and the price of petroleum fuels are extremely expensive -- and since we've learned how to use solar energy in the distilling process -- today alcohol has become a really economical fuel to make and to use.

In addition to being a cheaper fuel to use these ays it is also a clean fuel. When you burn alcohol the emmission is carbon dioxide -- a non-poisonous, innert gas. In addition, the alcohol you make will have an octane rating of 99.

I have included information in this book describing the system that works for me. I cannot, nor will I guarantee that what is included will work for you. I've tried to take you through the process. I'm assuming you know nothing about making alcohol as a fuel (Ethyl Alcoohol). I will take you to the point where you will actually be using the homemade fuel for yourself, and/or are selling the fuel to others.
Make Your Own Fuel
Make Your Own Fuel
by Jerry Wilkerson

Young Publishers, 1979
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