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Living in the Moment
A Prescription for the Soul
by Gary Null
Anecdotal and reflective, Living in the Moment comprises health expert Dr. Gary Null’s lifetime of observation and wisdom. Following Einstein’s belief that “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them,” Null offers fresh, paradigm-breaking solutions to living our life to its fullest potential—through our relationships, health, and self-expression.

Dr. Null’s “prescription for the soul” bids readers to take an active role in their own lives—to carefully distinguish truth from past conditioning. While he espouses a natural-foods and alternative-health lifestyle as part of our well-being, Null also shows us how crucial it is to do those things with the right awareness and intention; if we go to yoga and eat right but stress out at work and are stuck in a difficult relationship, we’re not in balance and able to truly awaken to our deepest energy for life.

Dr. Null has presented much of the material in Living in the Moment hroughout his career—in his lectures, his award-winning radio show, documentary films, and investigative reporting. Now Living in the Moment enlightens readers on the many tools at their disposal for achieving the balance, self-esteem, and passion missing from their lives.
Living in the Moment
Living in the Moment
A Prescription for the Soul
by Gary Null

North Atlantic Books, 2008
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