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How to Live with a Dog
by J. J. McCoy
Originally published as The Complete Book of Dog Training and Care, this book coveres...

Choosing a dog, raising a dog in the city, suburbs and country; the ABC's of dog nutrition; obedience and basic training; how to tell when your dog is ill; first aid; when to call the veterinarian; breeding and whelping; the older dog.

Dog instincts; dog behavior patterns; the world from the dog's point of view..

The author has devoted 20 years to the study and handling of animals; was assistant to the Director of Gaines Dog Research Center in New York; and was for many years manager of the famous Bide-a-Wee Home for Animals in New York.
How to Live with a Dog
How to Live with a Dog
by J. J. McCoy

Berkley Medallion, 1966

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