Haunted Holidays

Haunted Holidays

Twelve Months of Kentucky Ghosts
by Roberta Brown and Lonnie Brown

University Press of Kentucky, 2015

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With its tales of benevolent and malicious specters, terrifying monsters, and unexplained phenomena, Halloween is the holiday most people associate with spooky stories. But do spirits remain hidden the rest of the year?

In the rich storytelling customs of the commonwealth, the supernatural world is also connected with holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Memorial Day

In Haunted Holidays, celebrated storytellers Roberta Simpson Brown and Lonnie E. Brown have assembled a hair-raising collection of paranormal tales for readers of all ages.

The stories present many new and spooky characters, including the deceased great aunt who still rocks in her favorite chair on Mother's Day, the young boy who made good on his promise to return a silver dollar on the Fourth of July, and even the ghost who hated Labor Day.

In addition to tales of haunting, the Browns reveal many Appalachian legends and their importance to the storytelling tradition, such as the phantom bells who guide the dead to the other side, and a "chime child" born when the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Day, who is rumored to be blessed with the gift of second sight.

Lily Rose is Still Screaming

It is said that true love always finds a way.  Not if a jealous dead wife can help it!

Lily Rose fell in love with the new minister in town. She wanted to get married, but the minister was reluctant because his deceased wife swore she would never let him be with anyone else.

Lily Rose did not take this warning seriously, and the minister agreed to marry her on Valentine's Day anyway.

Soon after the wedding, Lily Rose began dreaming of her husband's dead wife. As the dreams became more vivid, Lily Rose began to think they were more than dreams. One day she woke up from one of these episodes and tried to scream, but knew that the minister's dead wife had taken her breath away.

After whispering to husband what she knew had happened, she died in his arms.

Long after, townsfolk heard screams at noon every Valentine's Day.
The Scream by Edvard Munch

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