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Field Notes
by Richard Quinney 
Taking his cue from Emerson and the eighteenth-century naturalist Gilbert White, Richard Quinney examines the beauty of the world and ponders our place in it in Field Notes.

As much as we might look to the heavens, this earth is the only world in which we move and have our being, where we may see into the nature of all things.
For many naturalists, writers, and poets, the boundaries between the animate and inanimate, the living and the dead, are ambiguous and arbitrary. In the moments when we grasp the essence and wonder of nature, we know that all things are in its domain, that we too are nature. Yet nature is not necessarily benevolent to our human interests. We are subject to the same forces that work in all of nature. Nature is the source of life as well as its destruction as new life is being created. With pen and camera in hand, between town and country, notes are made and a life is lived. One world at a time, here on earth.
Field Notes
Field Notes
by Richard Quinney

Borderland Books, 2008
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