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Eggs and Health Promotion
edited by Ronald Ross Watson
Although eggs have been a part of human diet since the beginning of recorded history, recent controversy regarding egg intake and human health put this food source under scrutiny. Dispelling misconceptions and covering significant recent advances in egg use, Eggs and Health Promotion provides up-to-date research on the role of eggs in the context of the healthful diet.

This single, convenient reference focuses on current scientific data covering:

  • The influence of eggs on health and disease risk factors.
  • The emergence of modified eggs-eggs from specially fed chickens used to produce and deliver drugs, nutrients,a nd immunotherapies to patients.
  • The use of eggs to directly prevent or treat diseases.
Written by well-known and highly respected scientists, is filled with useful information for health practitioners, researchers, oncologists, nutritional therapists, pharmacologists, dietitians, comercial egg producers, and health conscious general public.
Eggs and Health Promotion
Eggs and Health Promotion
edited by Ronald Ross Watson

Iowa State University Press, 2001
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