Dude Making a Difference

Dude Making a Difference

Bamboo Bikes, Dumpster Dives and Other Extreme Adventures Across America
by Rob Greenfield

New Society Publishers, 2015

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You want to do something for the planet, but what? Change a light bulb, install a low-flow faucet, eat organic? How about ride forty-seven hundred miles across America on a bamboo bicycle, using only water from natural sources, avoiding fossil fuels almost completely, supplying your few electrical needs with solar power, and creating nearly zero waste?

Sound crazy? Maybe. But not if you're Rob Greenfield. Then it sounds like a pretty amazing way to bring your message to as many people as possible, and to have a great time doing it. Dude Making a Difference is Rob's first-person account of his incredible adventure in radical sustainability. Join him as he pedals from coast to coast in three and a half months while:

Creating only 2 pounds of trash Using just 160 gallons of water Eating 284 pounds of food from grocery store dumpsters.

This one-of-a-kind travelogue will inspire you to reexamine your relationship with the earth's resources. Rob's captivating stories of life on the low-impact road are rounded out by practical guides to help you reduce your personal ecological footprint and plan your own larger-than-life adventures.

Day 43: June 1st in Omaha.
"Before noon I headed down to the farmers' market and was excited to score some fresh, local food. It is still early in the season so it was somewhat slim pickings, but I managed to get some spinach, mustard greens, radishes, rhubarb, honey and tomatoes. All of it was exquisite."

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