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Dining by the Stars 
An Astrology Cookbook
by Maija Dambis Collins 
This is not a technical book for students of astrology, although the provocative theme of creating recipes from foods generated for each specific zodiac sign, Aries to Pisces, or collectively, according to the elements (of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) is worthy of more attention in Western astrology.

In this book, each zodiac sign has been classified, and the dominant foods and condiments with which it is associated are listed for the reader.  

Each sun-sign’s tendencies are then described from five different perspectives:
            …the personal habits of the sign
            …the sign and love
            …the sign and family
            …the sign and friends
            …and its seasonal celebrations.

In category by category, there are recipes created for each sign, made from foods that are naturally attractive to each sign.
Dining by the Stars
Dining by the Stars
An Astrology Cookbook
by Maija Dambis Collins
Authorhouse, 2007.
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