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Cunning Is Better Than Strong
by Virginia H. Ormsby
Lee lived in the country with his father and his mother, his sister and his baby brother and his dog, Pomp. Lee was nine, going on ten, and the two things he wanted most in the world were a possum and a raccoon for pets.

He tried all sorts of ways to catch these animals and his father kept reminding him of the old saying -- cunning is better than strong -- and it was cunning that succeeded in the end.

Lee's adventures trying to capture the possum and raccoon are funny and exciting and rather eerie. Virginia Ormsby writes of Lee and his family with sureness and affection and of the Georgia country from first-hand knowledge. The folklore and customs and natural beauty of this area are woven skillfully into a story that holds the reader's attention to the very end..
Cunning Is Better Than Strong
Cunning Is Better Than Strong
by Virginia H. Ormsby

J.B. Lippincott, 1960
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