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Connecting The Dots
To Future Electric Power

by Edward J. Bair 
Edward J. Bair shows why most plans for a permanent solution to the energy problem fall pathetically short of credible. He analyzes a dozen aspects of known energy sources and organizes them in readable form in the context of both human and geologic history.

Economics dictates that the best new energy sources and/or sites are the first to be exhausted. Whether it is coal, oil, gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, biomass, wind, geothermal, photovoltaic, or solar thermal each source promises a future of continuously increasing difficulty and cost, says Bair.

"Solar energy outside the Earth's atmosphere is the one exception that provides ample increases in energy that are sustainable with no degradation. The problem is not primarily technical. It is the organization to provide the huge economy of scale needed to pay for the many plants worldwide with revenues from low cost power. Whether or not space solar power turns out to be feasible, it illustrates the scale of thinking long range energy policy requires."

Connecting The Dots To Future Electric Power
Connecting The Dots To Future Electric Power
by Edward J. Bair

AuthorHouse, 2007
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