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Canyon Crossing
Experiencing Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim
by Seth Muller
There’s the Grand Canyon as seen from one of the rims. Spectacular. Awe-inspiring. Dramatic. And there’s the Grand Canyon below the rims, a very different place steeped in wilderness, bus-sized boulders, tumbling streams, knee-shredding switchbacks, solitude, and the cataract-punctuated Colorado River. The trails in Grand Canyon National Park attract more than 80,000 permitted overnight backpackers annually, as well as an untold number of day hikers and mule riders. 

Join author Seth Muller on a grand adventure, searching for the Grand Canyon’s soul along miles of canyon trails. Muller profiles rangers, artists, volunteers, hikers, ultra-marathoners, mule skinners, and others who regularly experience the inner canyon, presenting the Corridor Trails in intimate, creative prose that will carry the reader into the depths of the canyon and back out again.

Whether you’re an experienced rim-to-rimmer, an armchair hiker interested in one of the nation’s great wilderness areas, or a dreamer with a bucket list planning to one day check off the Grand Canyon, you are likely to find the unique and compelling Canyon Crossing fascinating.:
Canyon Crossing
Canyon Crossing
Experiencing Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim by Seth Muller
Grand Canyon Association, 2011

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