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But Rabbits Don't Climb Trees
by Marsh Rat Annie
In this poetry and short story collection, fact and fantasy are cleverly combined to create a light-hearted look at the wild side of life in the coastal marshlands of South Carolina-through the eyes of the animals themselves.

Marsh Rat Annie relies on her years of experience in caring for and raising young animals and uses her imagination and knowledge to personify marsh critters, making it easy and fun for others to live right along with them as they interact and survive within the vibrant voice of the marshlands.

Roam the bog with curious raccoons, fly with the vultures, swim with an alligator, and dance across the sand with tiny fiddler crabs.

As each animal shows off its lively spirit, others will experience the fierceness of a hurricane, stand with the animals against a vicious foe, and share the peace and magic of a Christmas night with a few furry creatures.

For anyone ready to kick off their shoes, squish their toes in the pluff mud, and prepare themselves for a boisterous romp across the South Carolina low-country marshes, these critters and a silly ol' Marsh Rat share an entertaining view of the animal world.
But Rabbits Don't Climb Trees
But Rabbits Don't Climb Trees
by Marsh Rat Annie

iUniverse, 2010
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