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Birding Colorado
Over 180 Premier Birding Sites at 93 Locations
by Hugh Kingery 
From prairies to peak tops, Colorado attracts an intriguing mix of birds, from Mountain Plovers and Rosy-Finches to Lazuli Buntings and Black Swifts. Birders from all over the country visit the state to see the vast variety of western and prairie specialties.
Birding Colorado guides you to the best birding sites at treeless prairies in Pawnee National Grassland; canyons, mesas, and mountains in four national parks and three national monuments; marshes, ponds, and streams in five national wildlife refuges; and mountain, mesa, and prairie highways and byways. Organized by region, this guide lists the likely birds at each site and the status and distribution of all species recorded in the state. Inside you'll find:
• Where and when to go, how to get there, and likely birds
• A description of each site, with information about key species
• Where to find migrating eastern species, water birds, and such specialties as Pygmy Nuthatch, Greater Roadrunner, and American Three-Toed Woodpecker
• Details on the seasonal distributions of 482 bird species—where they occur, their abundances there, and the best times to see them
Birding Colorado
Birding Colorado
Over 180 Premier Birding Sites at 93 Locations
by Hugh Kingery

Falcon, 2007
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