Artisan Breads at Home

Artisan Breads at Home

by Eric Kastel
Wiley, 2010

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There are few joys in life as simple yet profound as taking that first bite from a lovingly baked loaf of bread, the crust crackling between your teeth. Maybe you've dreamed of baking a boule, a baguette, or a brioche yourself, but assumed it would be too difficult. Well, fear not. You do not need to be a baking expert to make fine artisan breads at home. All it takes is the knowledge of ingredients, equipment, and techniques found inside this book. 

Backed by The Culinary Institute of America's expertise, Certified Master Baker Eric Kastel takes you by the hand and gently guides you through the mysteries of bread baking.

Beginning with a thorough discussion of ingredients and equipment, Chef Kastel explains everything from how to shop for flour to how to use a shower cap during the dough's rise. From there, he outlines the twelve steps of bread baking, describing each one in detail. With these steps in mind, you'll be set to mix, shape, and bake anything from ciabatta to rye bread, challah to pizza dough.

And once you've mastered these basic breads and are inspired to try something more complex, Chef Kastel will demonstrate advanced techniques such as how to build a sourdough starter from scratch, which you can then use to create more than a dozen varieties of sourdough.

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