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Amy's Bread
Artisan-style Breads, Sandwiches, Pizzas, and more from New York City's Favorite Bakery
by Amy Scherber, Toy Kim Dupree, and Aimee Herring
Since 1992, Amy's Bread has served up New York City's best handmade breads, feeding more than 55,000 loyal customers each month and supplying many of the city's finest restaurants and food shops. Lovingly made using traditional, centuries-old methods from the heart of Europe, Amy's breads astound customers with their rich, complex flavors and crusty, chewy textures.

This beautifully illustrated update of the classic Amy's Bread cookbook lets you make Amy's hearty, satisfying breads in your own kitchen. Here you'll find Amy's favorite and most popular recipes, as well as the baking tips and techniques you'll need to create loaves that live up to the highest expectations, with ideal textures, surprising flavor dimensions, and picture-perfect results. 

Amy and her executive pastry chef Toy Kim Dupree explain the essentials of bread-making in careful detail, from using the most wholesome and fresh ingredients, to setting up your kitchen with affordable, effective equipment, to managing the moisture of your dough, kneading it properly, and shaping perfectly imperfect loaves. 

They've also included a very thorough but easy-to-understand chapter on starters to help every bread baker understand the best way to leaven their loaves.

With more than fifty recipes—covering sourdoughs, ryes, semolinas, sandwich breads, pizza crusts, focaccias, and sweet treats—you'll find recipes here for every taste and every level of experience. You'll also find photos and personal stories that reveal the inner workings of the bakery. Whether you've just started baking or you've been doing it for decades, Amy's Bread lets you discover the pure joy of creating heavenly handmade breads that rival the world's very best—without going all the way to New York City.
Amy's Bread
Amy's Bread
Artisan-style Breads, Sandwiches, Pizzas, and More from New York City's Favorite Bakery  by JAmy Scherber, Toy Kim Dupree, and Aimee Herring

Wiley, 2010
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