Driftwood Coast

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

In a part of the country accustomed to towering trees, tremendous amounts of driftwood frequently wash ashore. The northwest coast of Washington's most westerly peninsula is famous for large pieces of driftwood, man-size or larger, that wash ashore on its beaches.

Off the Beaten Path

"Not too many people outside western Washington and Oregon know if Washington's fabulous Driftwood Coast. On both sides of Aberdeen, secondary roads lead north and south to a beachcomber's paradise of long hard-packed sands littered with amusingly twisted driftwood, big glass fishing floats, and semiprecious stones and shells...

"South of Aberdeen, Route 13A leads to windblown Westport, a sports fishing village  on a sand reef; to North Cove - a treasury of driftwood - and to Grayland, a Finnish village renowned for razor clams. Then, at the end of the road, on a lonely peninsula overlooking placed Willapa Bay, lies unhurried Tokeland. All are ideal for a beachcombing vacation...

"North of Aberdeen, Route 9C, the Clamarama Drive, winds up the Driftwood Coast, through lush green forests, sparkling lakes and streams to more villages such as Ocean City, Pacific Beach, and Copalis Beach. These, too, are ideal for a quiet, inexpensive beachcombing holiday; razor clams abound."

Off the Beaten Path
Off the Beaten Path

Where to vacation or stay-a-while in America's own bargain paradise
by Norman D Ford
Harian Publications, 1976

A guide to uncrowded islands, unchanged villages, unspoiled mountain hideaways and dozens of other undiscovered places where life remains serene.

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